Monday, May 11, 2015

We need YOU!

Hello Fellow Esther Jackson Elementary Parents,

We are on the cusp of completing our wonderful activities over this next month while preparing for next year.  It is my honor to bring the new slate of PTA officers forward and then post for final voting in May 14th. This needs to be done rather quickly and we still have several major roles to fill. EJ has exciting years ahead of us, with being in a new, temporary location next year, and then returning to our new building the year after.
I know when our family was new to EJ I had so many questions.  I wondered with my job if I even had the time to commit at all.  As a full time IT consultant, I can work 50-60 hours per week.  As a father of two wonderful students, I was able to serve as junior president and participate in many activities and events throughout the years.  PTA is a team of parents who all jump in to help each other and help our school.  We have parents that work full-time, part-time and at home.  We WORK TOGETHER and we are a GREAT TEAM!!

Now is the time to jump in with us.  You have a great TEAM of parents who will be there to help you.  All it takes is the interest to get involved, and for me selfishly, to spend as much time with my children as I could.  It gave me an opportunity to  experience things at the school and interact with all the teachers and I wouldn't change it for the world.  But what I got back was so much more...wonderful experiences, great friends, happy kids, and lots of laughs!  My oldest son is going on to Middle School next year, but my youngest son still has 2 more exciting years and I am thankful for being an involved parent while in an open school environment that welcomed me.  You TOO are welcomed!!  :-)

Please review the highlighted positions currently open below.  Please email me at daniel.maclagan@gmail.comwith any questions or with your interest in a particular position.   I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and I can also put you in contact with one of our board members that can help explain the role that interests you.   

Current Positions
Senior President - Daniel MacLagan 2015-2016
Treasurer - Tia MacLagan 2015-2016
Vice President - School Relations - Paige Janco 2015-2016
Vice President – Communications – Tracey Preslan 2015-2017
Open Positions
·         JR. PRESIDENT: 2015-17 -work closely with Daniel and VPs and roll into the senior position in 2016-17; Gives support to the VPs of School Relations and Family Relations to as they work with their Chairs on various activities for our students and faculty. It’s a great experience and a lot of fun!!
·         SECRETARY: 2015-17 - records minutes for each monthly PTA meeting and various other administrative tasks throughout the school year that help keep the PTA organized and running smoothly.
·         VP-FUNDRAISING 2015-17 -assists the various CHAIRS in charge of events and projects (like Spring Carnival, Spirit Nights, Business Partners).  Helps the board select and implement fundraising opportunities.
·         VP-FAMILY RELATIONS 2015-17 - assists the various CHAIRS in charge of Family Relations, Room Parents, Back to School Bash, Grandparents' Day and Holiday shop. There are great chairs under this VP, many of which interact directly with the teachers and students.  What better way to see all those smiling faces throughout the school year.

Thank you for your thoughtful and prompt response.  PLEASE do not hesitate to ask to contact me, Daniel MacLagan (current Jr. Pres.) at and I will be happy to get you in contact with one of the board members who can help you understand the responsibilities of the roles in detail.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Esther Jackson Elementary PTA

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