Thursday, April 30, 2015

Purchase a piece of the original Esther Jackson building!

Would You Like To Keep A Piece Of the
OLD Esther Jackson Building?


A BRICK from the Old Esther Jackson Building costs $5 per brick.

You can also get for $6, A BRASS PLAQUE (to attach to the brick) that reads:
Esther Jackson Elementary School
Thanks for the Memories

These bricks will need to be picked up in early June so please make sure to look for the notices (Email, Facebook Page, Website).  The pickup date will set after the project has started, but we will give as much notice as possible.  The order forms are due to the FRONT OFFICE, BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

 NAME:  ___________________________________________________

EMAIL:  ___________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________

Number of Bricks ($5 each) ___________  Number of Plaques ($6 each) _____________

Total Payment Amount __________________    Cash_____   Check (payable to EJ PTA) _____

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