Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spirit Night - TONIGHT!

Don't forget about Spirit Night!

Sky Zone
1425 Market Blvd, Roswell
4pm - 8pm

$9 for 1 hour of jumping!
$10 for pizza and drinks for 4

Bring your Sky Zone socks or you can 
purchase a pair for $2.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spirit Night ~ Wednesday, August 27th @ Sky Zone

Spirit Night at Sky Zone is back!

Join your friends at Sky Zone
Wednesday, August 27th
4pm - 8pm
$9 for 1 hr of jumping - what a great price!
$10 for a large pizza and drinks for 4

NOTE: Don't forget that everyone is required to wear the Sky Zone socks now. Socks are available for $2.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Easy Money for EJE

There are several easy ways to get money for our school! All you have to do is shop at stores which are very close to our school and neighborhood.

Remember that anyone can link their Target and Kroger cards to Esther Jackson and you can get multiple Publix cards to give to family and friends. It all adds up to extra money that our school will put to good use!


  1. To link your Kroger rewards card, go to Kroger Community Rewards.
  2. Click Sign In (if you already have a Kroger Plus card that is registered online) or Create an Account if you are signing in for the first time.
  3. Search for Esther Jackson.
  4. Click the radio button next to Esther Jackson Elementary School.
  5. Click Enroll.

Now all you have to do is shop at Kroger, swipe your Rewards card and they will donate to Esther Jackson!


You can link your Target Red Card to Esther Jackson. Target will then donate 1% of your purchases made with the Red Card to the school of your choice (which will be Esther Jackson!).

Go to the informational page on Target's website to link your card to EJE. Then shop at Target and use your Red Card!


Publix is another community partner of Esther Jackson. They will also donate a percentage of purchases to Esther Jackson. 

You will need to get a Publix card that is linked to an account for Esther Jackson. These cards will be available in the front lobby during Curriculum Nights (August 26th and August 28th). If you are unable to attend Curriculum Night, we will be glad to send a card home in your child's backpack. Simply email the PTA at

When you shop at Publix, scan the card and a percentage will be donated to EJE. It's that easy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meeting Minutes from 8/19 PTA Meeting

The PTA met Tuesday night, August 19th. Minutes are included below for anyone who missed the meeting. As you can see, there is a lot going on at EJE! Please take the time to read the minutes and consider volunteering.

Please remember that everyone is invited to attend the PTA meetings. The next meeting will be held on September 16th.

Esther Jackson Elementary PTA Board
Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2014


Lisa Stamey, Shannol Grant, Becky Anderson, Dan MacLagan, Cheryl Maloch, Tara Fletcher Barooah, Jennifer Cassidy, Veronica Best, Debbra Sparks, Loren Jackson, Kim Laing


EJ Media Center
Next meeting:
September 16th at 6:30pm in EJ Media Center

Welcome and Call to Order:  6:35pm by Shannol Grant
·         Past minutes (8/5/14) read by Becky Anderson and approved by all present.

President’s Address – Ms. Cassidy
·         Great start to the beginning of school.
·         Carpool line is back to normal.
·         Enrollment Update:
o    594 students total
o    Under by 20 to 30 students from estimate.
o    Kindergarten is especially low, based on estimates.  If no more students register before next enrollment count, on Friday 8/22 there is a chance that we could lose a K teacher and move from five classes to four.
o    2nd grade is over estimate.  3rd grade is slightly over. 
o    District Committee will meet on 8/27 to look at enrollment figures for the district and determine what resource adjustments need to be made. 
o    If teacher changes are made, it should happen when school starts back up after Labor Day.
·         Redistricting
o    Our school will be included in the next round of Redistricting planning.
o    Planning will begin this Fall.
o    This round impacts schools north of the river.
o    It will not take effect for EJ until we are in the new building. 
o    As the Redistricting meetings occur, it will be important to have a large representation from EJ.
·         School Governance Council Model/Charter School
o    EJ will be joining the School Governance Council model this year as part of the FCS Charter System that went into effect in 2012 system wide and implemented in phases.
o    There will be a Community Meeting at Hillside Elementary on 9/8 from 6:30 to 8pm to explain more about this process and model.
o    The elections process will begin for EJ in the Fall.
o    2 teachers will be elected by teachers, 2 parents will be elected by parents, 2 community members appointed by the Council once it is in place.  Ms. Cassidy will be on the Council as a non-voting member.
o    Elections will be online.
o    More info to come.
·         Intervention Program
o    EJ is piloting a program to help students that are in need of positive behavior support.
o    Mr. James and Mr. Pirozzi are the Intervention Coaches.
o    They will meet with students and be available to help teachers as needed.
·         WebMaster
o    Kelly Williamson will be the new webmaster for the school.
o    She has just attended a training class.  Will be working on getting the calendar online.  Dan MacLagan will get in contact with her to coordinate efforts.

Budget Update – Shannol Grant
·         No Fun Run this year.  Check writing campaign (Annual Fund) instead.
o    The check writing campaign has a goal of $50 per family to make the budget balance, but we will market it as per student in order to track sponsored “Jaguars”.
·         Movie Night
o    It was decided to hold Movie Night on Friday, September 26th.
o    It will be a tie-in with the Annual Fund Drive as a way to “end” the drive and have a last minute push for contributions.
o    It will be held in the Gym.
o    Ms. Cassidy has a contact with a screen business who has offered to match any price we get for screens.  She will forward information to Shannol.
o    Directory – We are hoping to eliminate this cost by moving to an electronic directory that can be accessed and printed by users at home. Format is still being worked out.
o    Lisa Stamey brought up possibility of selling coffee to people waiting in line on voting day and asked Ms. Cassidy for approval.  Ms. Cassidy agreed. 

New Business
·         Back To School Bash – 8/22
o    Everything is going well with the planning for the Back to School Bash (Friday 8/22.) 
o    Still need some volunteers, but have about half signed up.
·         Curriculum Nights – 8/26 and 8/28
o    Tara Fletcher Barooah let us know that she and Lisa Newara are planning to have a Volunteer and Membership signup table in the lobby during the Curriculum Nights.
o    Shannol mentioned that we should make sure we are giving out Flyers and collecting donations for the Annual Fund that night as well.
o    Donuts for Dads – 9/5
§  Tara received the attendance figures so she can contact the donut supplier.  All is going well with the planning. 
o    Bingo – New Date: Friday, February 6th
§  Dan will add to Google Calendar
o    Annual Fund
§  $50 per household goal
§  Tracking as $50 per “Jaguar”
§  Hoping families will give extra to help sponsor other Jaguars.
§  A discussion was held on if there needed to be more ways to acknowledge who gave what. 
·         It was determined that Lisa will make a “Wall of Jaguars” to be displayed at the school with students names on them when their family meets the $50 goal.
·         Sponsored Jaguars will be also noted on the wall, but not with names.

Committee Reports
·         Membership
o    Currently at 154 members.
o    Ms. Cassidy said that she has sent an email to about 15 remaining staff members to encourage them to join.
o    Our goal from State is 248.  Internal budgetary goal is 300.
·         Open House
o    The consensus was that the flow was even smoother than last year, which was smoother than the year before.
o    Not a lot of people spent much time in the gym.  
o    It was noted that Star House needs an interpreter on hand.
·         Teacher’s Breakfast
o    Ms. Cassidy said that she thought it went well and that the staff really enjoyed it.
·         Volunteers
o    We have filled several positions since last meeting, but the following are still open:
§  Bingo Co-Chair
§  Holiday Shop Co-Chair
§  *Movie Night
§  News Updates/Legislative/Centennial Cluster
§  *Spirit Nights
§  Spring Carnival Co-Chair
§  *Yearbook
·         *Top Priority
o    Tara still needs the Volunteer sign-up sheets from Open House from most of the teachers.  Ms. Cassidy will e-mail the teachers regarding this.

·         Becky asked Ms. Cassidy for an idea of what she would like to see occur during STEM Day, as it will be a new event this year.  (Held November 7th.)  Ms. Cassidy will discuss this with the leadership team at their next meeting on September 9th.  Becky will also provide some examples of what we might be able to provide, in terms of outside clubs giving demonstrations, etc… for Ms. Cassidy to bring up in the meeting.
·         We need the final dates for the Book Fairs from Ms. Williamson so we can put them in the calendar.  Dan will discuss with her when he talks to her about the calendar.
·         Ms. Cassidy let us know to send any Spots announcements to Jenny Lee.
·         Ms. Cassidy will be doing e-blasts about once per month. 
·         First Spirit Night is next Wednesday, August 27th from 4-8pm.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:05 by Shannol Grant

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Bash ~ Friday, August 22nd

Don't forget about the Back to School Bash which will take place on Friday, August 22nd. 

We are still in need of volunteers for this PTA event.

Following is the list of volunteer needs for this particular event:

  • Set up (10:15am - 11:00am)
  • Distribute Popsicles (12:15pm - 1:30pm)
  • Greeter (11:00am - 12:15pm or 12:15pm - 1:30pm)
  • Assist with Activity Station (12:15pm - 1:30pm)
  • DJ (11:00am - 1:30pm)
  • Clean Up (1:30pm)

Access PT Avenue to sign up!

Friday, August 15, 2014

PTA Meeting

The PTA will meet on Tuesday, August 19th at 6:30pm. 
Meetings are held in the Media Center. 
Everyone is welcome to attend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Your Esther Jackson PTA would like to take this opportunity to welcome back our existing families and to extend a huge welcome to our new EJE parents. We are so glad that you and your child are at EJE. We look forward to meeting you at our next PTA event.

We have a busy schedule of events planned for this upcoming school year. We are very excited about the new school year, but we need YOU in order to make it a successful year for our students, administrators, teachers, students and parents.  

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer. Even a half-hour of your time will make a big difference.  

Please access PT Avenue to view the upcoming volunteer opportunities and sign up for an event which interests you.

To access PT Avenue:

1.  Go to
2.  Click the LOG IN button at the top right of the page.
3.  Enter ejepta in the Organization Code field on the left side of the Log In page.

Once you are logged in, you can view the calendar and also see all of the PTA activities which need volunteers.  

Thank you to all of the families and teachers who have already joined the PTA. We offer many membership levels. Please access PT Avenue and click the Online Store button to see all of the membership offerings.