Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PTA Memberships

There is still time to join the Esther Jackson PTA! 

Complete the form below or sign up online.

To sign up online, go to PT-Avenue. Enter organization code 'ejepta'. Click the button for Online Store. You can then choose either PTA Membership or Friend of Esther Jackson (this is a great option for grandparents or family members who want to support the school but don't need a PTA membership). You can pay via PayPal using your bank account or a credit card.

Monday, May 11, 2015

We need YOU!

Hello Fellow Esther Jackson Elementary Parents,

We are on the cusp of completing our wonderful activities over this next month while preparing for next year.  It is my honor to bring the new slate of PTA officers forward and then post for final voting in May 14th. This needs to be done rather quickly and we still have several major roles to fill. EJ has exciting years ahead of us, with being in a new, temporary location next year, and then returning to our new building the year after.
I know when our family was new to EJ I had so many questions.  I wondered with my job if I even had the time to commit at all.  As a full time IT consultant, I can work 50-60 hours per week.  As a father of two wonderful students, I was able to serve as junior president and participate in many activities and events throughout the years.  PTA is a team of parents who all jump in to help each other and help our school.  We have parents that work full-time, part-time and at home.  We WORK TOGETHER and we are a GREAT TEAM!!

Now is the time to jump in with us.  You have a great TEAM of parents who will be there to help you.  All it takes is the interest to get involved, and for me selfishly, to spend as much time with my children as I could.  It gave me an opportunity to  experience things at the school and interact with all the teachers and I wouldn't change it for the world.  But what I got back was so much more...wonderful experiences, great friends, happy kids, and lots of laughs!  My oldest son is going on to Middle School next year, but my youngest son still has 2 more exciting years and I am thankful for being an involved parent while in an open school environment that welcomed me.  You TOO are welcomed!!  :-)

Please review the highlighted positions currently open below.  Please email me at daniel.maclagan@gmail.comwith any questions or with your interest in a particular position.   I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and I can also put you in contact with one of our board members that can help explain the role that interests you.   

Current Positions
Senior President - Daniel MacLagan 2015-2016
Treasurer - Tia MacLagan 2015-2016
Vice President - School Relations - Paige Janco 2015-2016
Vice President – Communications – Tracey Preslan 2015-2017
Open Positions
·         JR. PRESIDENT: 2015-17 -work closely with Daniel and VPs and roll into the senior position in 2016-17; Gives support to the VPs of School Relations and Family Relations to as they work with their Chairs on various activities for our students and faculty. It’s a great experience and a lot of fun!!
·         SECRETARY: 2015-17 - records minutes for each monthly PTA meeting and various other administrative tasks throughout the school year that help keep the PTA organized and running smoothly.
·         VP-FUNDRAISING 2015-17 -assists the various CHAIRS in charge of events and projects (like Spring Carnival, Spirit Nights, Business Partners).  Helps the board select and implement fundraising opportunities.
·         VP-FAMILY RELATIONS 2015-17 - assists the various CHAIRS in charge of Family Relations, Room Parents, Back to School Bash, Grandparents' Day and Holiday shop. There are great chairs under this VP, many of which interact directly with the teachers and students.  What better way to see all those smiling faces throughout the school year.

Thank you for your thoughtful and prompt response.  PLEASE do not hesitate to ask to contact me, Daniel MacLagan (current Jr. Pres.) at daniel.maclagan@gmail.com and I will be happy to get you in contact with one of the board members who can help you understand the responsibilities of the roles in detail.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Esther Jackson Elementary PTA

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Purchase a piece of the original Esther Jackson building!

Would You Like To Keep A Piece Of the
OLD Esther Jackson Building?


A BRICK from the Old Esther Jackson Building costs $5 per brick.

You can also get for $6, A BRASS PLAQUE (to attach to the brick) that reads:
Esther Jackson Elementary School
Thanks for the Memories

These bricks will need to be picked up in early June so please make sure to look for the notices (Email, Facebook Page, Website).  The pickup date will set after the project has started, but we will give as much notice as possible.  The order forms are due to the FRONT OFFICE, BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

 NAME:  ___________________________________________________

EMAIL:  ___________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________

Number of Bricks ($5 each) ___________  Number of Plaques ($6 each) _____________

Total Payment Amount __________________    Cash_____   Check (payable to EJ PTA) _____

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Interested in Cub Scouts?

Pack 629 will be holding an informational meeting on Thursday, May 7th, from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Pavilion at East Roswell.

Boys who are rising 1st graders - 5th graders are welcome to join Scouts!

Plan on attending the meeting on the 7th to get more information.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fun Time Live at Esther Jackson!

Check out the April flyer for more information about events held each week when Fun Time Live hosts at Esther Jackson. Kids get a night out and parents get a night off!

Don't forget that you can bring your friends from other schools as well. This is open to all students in K - 5th grade in Fulton County. Parents, get a big group of friends together and head out for a nice dinner!

Cost is just $12/child. Hours are 7pm-10:30pm.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Meeting Minutes ~ March PTA Meeting

The March PTA Meeting was held on March 17th. The PTA publishes the minutes soon after the meeting so that everyone is aware of what is discussed and what decisions are made. 

As a reminder...everyone is invited to attend the PTA meetings. 

Esther Jackson Elementary PTA Board
Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2015


Daniel MacLagan, Jennifer Cassidy, Becky Anderson, Lisa Newara, Shannol Grant, Lisa Stamey, Loren Jackson, Leslie Greindl


EJ Media Center
Next meeting:
April 21, 2015, EJ Media Center

Call to Order – Dan MacLagan, 6:30pm

Old Business
·         Last Meeting’s Minutes Approved

President’s Address – Dan MacLagan
·         Bingo Update
o    Bingo went well.  Katie Troline was able to get a majority of prizes donated so we made about $200 for the evening. 
o    Becky asked if the relationship with the prize donors was something that was likely to continue with Katie not being at the school next year, or if we would need to budget accordingly for the 2016 Bingo night.
§  Dan responded that the relationship with the donors is with Katie, but she has made sure to document the donation history throughout her time as chair to make it easy for the next chair to request similar donations.
·         Hawks Game Fundraiser
o    Tia MacLagan collected order forms and money, and turned it by deadline only to find that the tickets had sold out.  She then had to issue refunds to disappointed families. 
o    It’s not the first time this has happened with GA PTA sports fundraisers.  They continue to sell tickets online through their website instead of holding them while the schools are selling making it common to sell out. Consensus is that it is probably best to avoid.
·         Reading for Education
o    Prizes have arrived and need to be distributed.  They came prepacked with the student’s names, so distribution will be fairly simple.
Committee Reports
·         5th Grade Party – Lisa Stamey
o    T-shirt is almost ready
o    Looking into booking a photo booth (Groupon)
o    Some 5th grade staff have agreed to get pie in the face during party and are setting up incentives for students to earn a chance at this.
·         Spring Carnival – Lisa Stamey
o    Lisa has solicited business partner funds
o    Kohl’s will donate $500 if 5 of their employees volunteer at an event. 
§  Lisa is working with Tia (who works there) to try and obtain volunteers and secure this.
§  The volunteers will be used to sell the tea that McAlister’s is donating.
o    Fundraiser during carnival: Girl’s Club is planning to make planters and grow plants and sell them.  They are working on getting donations for supplies. 
§  Lisa suggested that money raised should go to the underfunded Girl’s Club.
·         Spirit Nights – Lisa Stamey
o    Sky Zone – 3/19: Class with the most participants gets a Free Choice Day in PE
o    Sky Zone – 4/15: (Great stress reliever during Milestones!) Every jumper will get a free 30 minute pass to use during the summer!
o    McAlister’s – 3/24: Drop your receipt in the basket!
o    Aurora Movie Event – 3/28: Home, $7 per ticket.  Need to sell 100 by the 25th in order to have own theater.
·         Yearbook – Shannol Grant and Leslie Greindl
o    Leslie Greindl and Jodi Kaplan have agreed to be Yearbook co-chairs!
o    They hold meetings every Wednesday and have met with the Picaboo contact
o    Presales are going on now until May (presales are how we get free shipping – need to really promote this!)
o    Discussed photo uploading, naming.  They will work on a process where people can get them the photos.
·         Science Expo – Becky Anderson
o    111 participants entered originally, 89 displayed night of Expo for 80% participation
o    20 no shows, 2 cancelled before Expo
o    78 team/partner projects
o    76 entrants indicated that they did not participate in the 2014 Expo
§  Becky noted that this question should be changed on the entry form as it does not give a true indication of “first time” participants, which is what it is meant to capture. Some students may have participated in a previous year, just not the most recent.
o    The Grant Team obtained a “Bright Ideas” grant for the Expo from Sawnee EMC.  Not all grant funds were used for the Expo, and we have received the grantor’s permission to use them to buy supplies for STEM day classroom projects, or as needed for similar.
o    Becky asked for feedback to help make the Expo even better.
§  More monitors/check in volunteers.  (Only a few of the requested slots were filled.)
§  Rules for dry ice experiments (touching, someone ate a piece, etc…)
§  School assembly to give non-participants and students who are stuck at their displays all night a chance to see the other’s work?
·         Walk & Roll – Leslie Greindl
o    Leslie is working on this, will be in contact with Carissa to get info from last year.
o    Needs to obtain prizes.
·         Membership – Lisa Newara
o    Envelope Drive: Sent 400 envelopes, got 27 new members. 
o    Jennifer suggested making sure that there was a PTA Membership packet available to give out when a new family comes in and registers students in the middle of the school year.  This should be given to Dora, who handles the registrations.
o    Leslie suggested the idea that we have a PTA “hospitality committee” to welcome new families so they could meet someone in their student’s year with experience at the school to answer questions.  This led to a discussion of how this would work.  Ms. Cassidy would be willing to give us the info for all new families so we can contact them once we form a committee.  Something to plan for next year?
·         Volunteers
o    We still need a VP of Fundraising and a Spring Carnival Co-Chair.  Tara Barooah provided a “job description”  for these roles.  Dan and Shannol are to work with Ms. Cassidy to get the info out.
o    Tracey Preslan has stepped up to take the VP of Communications role on a temporary basis until the end of year and may continue next year.

Principal’s Address – Jennifer Cassidy
·         The School Governance Council has begun meeting and is in preliminary phase.
o    They are currently doing a needs assessment survey.
·         Thought the Sceince Expo was fantastic.  Felt like the kids did the work.  Great job!
·         They have been talking a lot about the move and packing up.
o    Everything in the school must be packed up by May 27th.
o    Movers come May 28th.
o    This summer, the EJ office will be temporarily at River Eve’s Elementary.
·         GA Milestone Test: Teachers have been busy preparing their students and they are ready to take the test when they return from Spring Break!

New Business
·         Fun Time Live – Loren Jackson (FTL’s Georgia Region Lead)
o    Attendance has dropped since start.
§  131 kids first night, lowest was 37.  Goal is at least 150.
o    Wanted to get PTA’s feedback on program and what could be done to increase business.
§  A discussion was held on safety, how to overcome some of the issues they are having, and how to clear up the negative impressions that some past incidents may have caused, even after they have been addressed.

·         Lisa wanted everyone to know that Martin’s Landing swim team registration is now open.  This is a fun way for kids to stay in contact and have fun over the summer. It is open to everyone, not just those who live in ML. More details at http://www.mldolphins.org/.
·         Becky mentioned that she has gotten feedback from quite a few parents who say that always having the PTA meetings on the same day makes it impossible for them to ever attend, due to work/sports schedules.  Was wondering if a rotating day schedule should be implemented next year?  Dan will take this under advisement.

Meeting Adjourned by Dan MacLagan at 8:25 pm

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pre-order your EJE Yearbook

It's time to pre-order your EJE yearbook! Early birds will get free shipping!*

*Free shipping if order placed online by May 3rd

We are using Picaboo again this year. Picaboo allows the buyer to personalize pages in his/her yearbook. This is a great option if you have pictures of your child that you would like to add to their personal yearbook.

Also, parents and students will be able to purchase friendship notes for $5. More information will come out soon about how to get your pictures and messages to the yearbook committee in order to be included in the yearbook.