Friday, October 17, 2014

PTA Meeting ~ October 21st

Don't forget!

The PTA will meet in the Media Center at 6:30pm on Tuesday, October 21st.

Everyone is invited to attend! Please come and hear all about what is going on with your EJE PTA.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Spirit Night!

Show your support by attending Spirit Night at Sky ZoneMake plans to attend with your child's classmates. 

Sky Zone donates a portion of the entry fee to the PTA. You can make a difference by attending these monthly spirit nights.

Wednesday, October 15th
4pm - 8pm

$9 for 1 hour of jump time!
$10 pizza deal!

Don't forget your Sky Zone socks!

Sky Zone is located at 1425 Market Blvd in the old Home Depot building.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have questions about the NEW Esther Jackson PTA Annual Fund Campaign?

How does the PTA used the money we raise? Do we have to sell wrapping paper? What is the school's fundraising goal? How do I make a donation?

We have the answers!


What is the Esther Jackson PTA Annual Fund Campaign?
The Esther Jackson PTA Annual Fund Campaign is a one-time appeal for tax-deductible contributions the PTA uses to enhance the award-winning (our PTA won third place for Best Elementary Schools PTA in North Fulton for 2013-14) educational experience of every Esther Jackson student and faculty member.
Why an Annual Fund and how is the money used?
Per the results of our parent survey several years ago we switched to a single major fund raising campaign.  Since we had such a low return in our Fund Run Campaign in 2013-14 and had to cover the cost of the prizes and t-shirts even with it being done in-house to save money, the PTA voted to switch to check writing campaign so we would be the best stewards of the funds the PTA raised.  Now 100% of the funds will go straight to the bottom line – This means all funds go to supporting our students, teacher and PTA Events and Programs. 
I already pay school property taxes. Why should I donate to the Annual Fund?
Annual Fund donations are essential to delivering the high-quality programs and activities at Esther Jackson that would not otherwise be possible. 
Why doesn’t the PTA sell products like other schools?
When you give to the Esther Jackson PTA Annual Fund, ALL of the money goes directly to the PTA. When students and parents sell items such as gift-wrap, the fundraising company takes a significant cut of the profits.  
What about Spirit Nights doesn’t the PTA get money from those events?
Our Spirit Nights and activities with our Local Business Partners do raise money for the PTA but they are only a percentage of the profits of that specific event.  Yes these events are lots of fun and a benefit to both our sure and our local business partners, but these are not guaranteed funds so we cannot use these to plan the entire budget around.  These funds generally are enough to cover general supplies for the PTA.
Is 100% participation by parents important?
Yes. One hundred percent participation in the Annual Fund shows our commitment to the school, its teachers and staff, and to our children. While gifts differ in size, each gift has the same impact on participation.
How do I know how much to give?
There is no set rule as to exactly how much to give. We only ask that each family give the best donation they can to the Annual Fund. If only $50 is given per family, PTA can meet our fundraising goal for this year, and pay for all the programs and services provided to our children. All contributions are kept confidential.  If we exceed our goal, the EJ PTA will reward all classes by funding an additional off-site field trip!
I can’t give very much. Should I still make a donation?
Yes. All financial donations to the PTA’s Annual Fund make a difference. We know that every family’s financial situation is unique. But, the only gift that is too small is no gift at all.
Who can donate to the Annual Fund?
Anyone can donate to the Annual Fund…parents, grandparents, other family members, neighbors, and friends. Even EJ alumni! Every gift counts, and every gift is appreciated.
Are donations tax-deductible?
The Esther Jackson PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Every donation to the PTA’s Annual fund is 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Ask your personal tax consultant for specifics.
Does my donation qualify for Corporate Matching Gifts?
Many corporations have matching gift programs for their employees, retirees, and board members that will double and in some cases triple the portion of your gift that is tax deductible. This extra support is very much appreciated. Contact your employer and determine if they will match your financial gift and to find out the guidelines for obtaining matching funds.
How do I make a gift to the Annual Fund?
Giving to the Annual Fund is easy. You can make on online payment in the Online Store at Log in under Organization “EJEPTA”. Please note, there is a small processing fee for debit and credit card payments. You may also pay by check. Simply bring your check to the front office or mail your check to Esther Jackson PTA at 1400 Martin Road, Roswell, GA 30076.


Welcome Back Breakfast – for Teachers
New Parent Breakfast
Back to School Bash
Donuts with Dad
(New this year) Movie Night to Kick Off the Annual Fund Drive
CHS Homecoming – Dads Club Event
Roswell Youth Day Parade
Reflections Art Contest
Grandparents Day
Holiday Shop
Winter Teacher Breakfast
Teacher Appreciation Week and Coffee Service Every Day
Science Expo
Spring Carnival
Walk and Roll
Mornings with Mom
Field Trips
Awarding Teacher Grants

Monday, October 6, 2014

Redistricting Meetings


Schools are one of the TOP criteria for home buyers. The outcome of the redistricting will affect EVERYONE’s home value. 


The criteria used by Fulton County Board of Education is also listed below. 

October 8th- Centennial High School 7pm-9pm 
November 5 Alpharetta High School 7pm – 9pm 
December 10 Centennial High School 7pm-9pm 

Primary Criteria

  • Geographic Proximity – Distance traveled using available routes of transportation.
  • Instructional Capacity – Number of students who can be accommodated at the school, taking into account the number of classrooms and resource rooms needed for art, music, labs, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), special education and Talented and Gifted (TAG) programs.
  • Projected Enrollment – Number of students assigned to a school, taking into account the future projected enrollment. 

Secondary Criteria

When primary criteria indicate more than one option, options are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Traffic Patterns – Factors impacting accessibility of the school from all portions of the attendance zone, including travel time, traffic flow in the area, safe operation of school buses and other safety considerations. 
  • Previous Rezoning – The school system seeks to avoid rezoning neighborhoods more than once during a three-year period if facility sizes and geographic distribution of student populations allows.
  • Special Programs – Special programs are those serving children with special needs that require use of additional space over and above a regular classroom. Where possible, the school system avoids setting attendance zones that would place a disproportionate number of special programs at a school.
  • School Feeder Alignment – Where possible, consideration is given to the alignment of elementary, middle and high school attendance boundaries.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's hard to believe that it's October 1st! The kids have been back in school almost long enough to get report cards. Fall is in the air. And the EJE PTA is as busy as ever!

There are a lot of October events. Mark your calendars now so that you don't miss anything!

Wednesday, October 8th ~ Redistricting Meeting; 7pm-9pm at Centennial High School Friday, October 10th ~ Dad's Club Kickoff (7:15am); Picture Day
Saturday, October 11th ~ Roswell Youth Parade
Monday, October 13th ~ No School
Tuesday, October 14th ~ Teacher Workday/No School for Students
Wednesday, October 15th ~ Spirit Night at Sky Zone
Wednesday, October 15th ~ Deadline for Reflections entries
Thursday, October 16th ~ Parent Workshop (Saving for College & Building Resiliency: Raising College and Career Ready Individuals
Monday, October 20th - Friday, October 24th ~ ITBS Testing
Tuesday, October 21st ~ PTA Meeting
Wednesday, October 22nd ~ Talent Show Tryouts
Thursday, October 23rd ~ Talent Show Tryouts
Monday, October 27th - Friday, October 31st ~ Red Ribbon Week

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meeting Minutes ~ 9/16/2014

Below are the meeting minutes from the PTA meeting held on Tuesday, Sept 16th.

Please take note of the upcoming redistricting meetings. The first one will be held in just a few weeks on October 8th at Centennial High School. It is very important for members of our school to get involved and be informed about redistricting.

Esther Jackson Elementary PTA Board
Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2014


Lisa Stamey, Becky Anderson, Dan MacLagan, Tia MacLagan, Jennifer Cassidy, Carissa Donges, Tracia Jeffries, Sally Mrus, Lisa Newara, Shari Perkins, Karen Weatherspoon, Kathy Beals, Hilton Ode, Emilie Long


EJ Media Center
Next meeting:
October 21st at 6:30pm in EJ Media Center

Welcome and Call to Order:  6:30pm by Daniel MacLagan
·         Past minutes (8/19/14) read by Becky Anderson and approved by all present.

President’s Address – Dan MacLagan
·         Becky Requested STEM Day Budget
o    Total Science Enrichment budget for year is $1500 – Science Expo and STEM Day
·         Update on Donuts for Dads – Cost of Donuts went up, but overall event went very well

Principal’s Address – Ms. Cassidy
·         There were some adjustments made after 10 day count (classes added and taken away.)
·         Teachers discussed STEM Day in leadership meeting.  Decision was made for each grade to have a focusing question for the day that would tie in to their curriculum.  For example – 2nd grade will be working on Motion.
·         Redistricting Process
o    Please put the following meetings on your calendars as it is important that EJ is well represented:
§  Round One – October 8, 7-9 p.m. at Centennial High School
§  Round Two – November 5, 7-9 p.m. at Alpharetta High School
§  Round Three – December 10, 7-9 p.m. at Centennial High School
o    There will also be an online forum to give feedback, but an in person presence is important due to the small group session format of the meetings.
·         New Potential Business Partner
o    Kathy Jones Beal and Dan MacLagan sat in with Ms. Cassidy on a meeting with a potential partner, Fun Time Live
o    They do Friday night (some Saturday) “Parents Night Out” events based at schools.  The proposal is that they would use the EJ facility to hold these events, and EJ PTA would receive a portion of the proceeds.
o    Info right now is that cost would be $12 (with PTA receiving $2) and it would run from 6pm – 10:30pm each Friday. 
o    Other local elementary school children could also attend.
o    They are currently going through the process to be a Fulton County Schools vendor.
·         School Governance Council
o    Looking for parent candidates for the School Governance Council.
o    Need two parents to serve a two year term and one to serve a one year term.
o    Deadline to submit is October 15th at 5pm.
o    Form is online – look on the EJ website under School Governance Council Elections, or stop by the office for a paper copy.

Committee Reports
·         Movie Night – Lisa Stamey
o    Flyer and FAQ’s drafts were presented.  Lisa asked attendees for feedback.
o    Lisa let us know about the pricing options available - $110 in licensing fee for one film, $425 to have licensing fees for the whole school for one year, and $200 screen rental.
o    We can pay the balance of the $425 in 90 days, so it was decided to wait until after the Annual Fund drive to see if we would have the budget for this.
o    Will have a display of paper Jaguars for those who have contributed.
o    Lisa will talk to Tara regarding Volunteer Needs, but definitely need volunteers!
·         Spirit Night – Lisa Stamey
o    Sky Zone this Thursday
o    Low turnout (only 5) last month
o    Had a discussion on ways to increase attendance.
o    This month, if any class has over a 50% attendance, they will get a pizza party.
·         Grants – Lisa Stamey
o    We are in the process of trying to obtain a grant for Destination Imagination through a private foundation.
o    Currently working with Ms. Cassidy to go through the Fulton County Schools grant process, as well as write the grant application for the foundation.
o    Becky, Lisa and Ms. Cassidy will meet on Monday, 9/22 to discuss.
·         Youth Day Parade – Lisa Stamey
o    Saturday, October 11th
o    We will have sign ups at Movie Night
o    Have a new banner, but need T-shirts
o    Need a parent who will be going to volunteer to be in charge of making sure the kids are where they need to be the day of the parade.
·         Centennial High School Homecoming and Parade/Dad’s Club Kick-off – Dan MacLagan
o    Event is on track for Friday, Oct 10th.
o    Mr. James will be involved.
·         Reflections – Lisa Stamey
o    Getting a slightly late start on Reflections as the council had lost Manya’s info and it didn’t get to her timely.
o    The theme is “The world would be a better place if…”
o    Entry forms are in lobby.
·         Room Parents – Carissa Donges
o    Will be meeting on Monday or Tuesday
o    Missing 10 or so room parents, but this may be a mistake, because some of the teachers say they had room parents sign up.  The forms may not have made it to Andrea.  Carissa will look into and see if the forms can be tracked down. 
·         Volunteers – Dan MacLagan
o    Discussed Open Positions
§  Lisa mentioned that she would be talking to Sally Phillips Rushing about Spirit Nights Chair.
§  Tracia expressed interest in finding out more about Bingo Chair.  Becky took her info and will have someone contact her.
·         Vision and Hearing Screening – Dan MacLagan
o    Tuesday 9/23 from 7:30 – 10:30am, needs volunteers.
·         Website – Dan MacLagan
o    He is still working on the new website, making progress.  Has some documents and info, but still needs some.  He will be in contact with the VPs and Chairs that are missing info.
o    He will be in contact with Tracey Preslan to get her involved.
·         Membership – Dan MacLagan
o    We have reached 100% of staff membership.

New Business
·         Sally Mrus asked if anyone knew if Six Flags still offered the 600 Minutes over 6 Weeks reading program.  No one knew, but it was noted and it will be looked into.
·         Carissa Donges asked if we could sell bricks for a path in the new building.  Ms. Cassidy said it was a possibility, and would be looked into closer to the time.  She also mentioned plans for the sale of the current “student” artwork that is on the walls now during the Spring Carnival.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:02 by Dan MacLagan

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Volunteers Needed!

The PTA is in need of volunteers for Movie Night on Friday.

If you can volunteer, go to PT Avenue and enter organization code ejepta.

Or click here to go directly to the volunteer page for Movie Night.