Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PTA Meeting Minutes from October Meeting

See below for Meeting Minutes from the last PTA meeting. Please note that the next meeting will held in conjunction with the Chorus Concert and Multicultural Night on Thursday, November 20th.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities coming up in the next few weeks! PT Avenue is already set up with all of the PTA activities and you can sign up at any time.

Esther Jackson Elementary PTA Board
Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2014


Dan MacLagan, Shannol Grant, Tia MacLagan, Jennifer Cassidy, Lisa Stamey, Becky Anderson, Karen Weatherspoon, Sunday Farmwald, Cheryl Maloch, Paige Janco, Debbra Sparks, Leslie Greindl, Emilie Long


EJ Media Center
Next meeting:
November 20th 5:30pm, During Chorus Concert and Multicultural Night (Budget Vote)

Welcome and Call to Order:  6:35pm by Daniel MacLagan

Principal’s Address – Ms. Cassidy
·         Fun Time Live has gone through the Fulton County Schools approval process and is on track to begin soon. (In next few weeks.)
·         Would like to thank parents who attended the Round One Redistricting Meeting.  The Round Two Meeting is on November 5th at Alpharetta High school and will be very important to have a presence from EJ at that meeting.  It will be where the proposed maps are shown.
·         There will be a Community Meeting at EJ on November 10th at 6:30pm regarding the new school.  This will include plans and the architect and construction manager will be there.
·         There was a great parent workshop last week given by Summit Counseling Center.  It was not well attended, but well received by parents.
·         School system bought license for Peachjar.com to send out flyers in e-mail.  Outside organizations, such as PTA can request that flyers be sent out. This will be an option for us to send flyers instead of paper.

President’s Address – Dan MacLagan and Shannol Grant
·         Tia went over the proposed budgets.
·         There was a discussion on the Annual Fund drive and the lower amount of donations this year.  We will have to reduce or cut some items from the budget unless more funds are raised.
·         We discussed ways to continue to raise money with the Annual Fund.
·         Shannol and Dan talked about some other fund raising ideas, such as Reading for Education.

Committee Reports
·         Spirit Wear
o    8 designs are out on CafĂ© Press and ready to order
o    Need to advertise
·         Spirit Nights
o    Sky Zone will be moved to Wed the 12 in Nov due to conflict on the 13 with Multicultural/Chorus Event
§  Still having low turnouts
§  Thursdays seem to have higher turnouts
§  To increase attendance, every month, if any class has over a 50% attendance, they will get a pizza party.
o    Planning a Monterrey’s night in November, date TBD.
·         Directory
o    Shannol mentioned that this is the time of the year when the directory is normally out.
·         STEM Day – Nov 7th
o    Becky and Ms. Cassidy gave STEM Day update:
§  2 Assemblies have been booked with Big Thinkers Science Exploration.  They will be held for PK-2nd from 8:15 – 9:15 and for 3rd-5th from 9:45 – 10:45. 
§  Each grade has chosen a theme and will have students do a hand’s on project around that theme. 
§  The teachers are sending home requests for supply donations for the projects.

·         Grandparent’s Day – Lisa Stamey
o    With budget being cut, we will still have money for the turkey raffle, but will need donations of gift cards for the raffle.  (This is the raffle that families enter in the teacher’s name, where the teachers get the prize if they win.)
·         Book Fair – 11/17 – 11/21
o    Needs volunteers!
·         Dad’s Club
o    Working with teachers at school on the new Boys Club (4th and 5th grade boys.)
§  Boys Club meets on Wednesdays and will work on projects.
o    Dad’s Club kickoff went well – 8 dads at meeting
·         Mystery Reader Day – Nov 5th
o    Julie Paz is organizing, needs readers
o    This is traditionally Fall Volunteer Day, but since there are not a lot of projects this year due to the building tear down, it was decided to hold MRD instead.
o    A discussion was held about whether Kindergarten would still need help with the Thanksgiving Feast items that are normally assembled by volunteers during Fall Volunteer Day. It was determined they would, so some of the volunteer readers might be asked to assist with that as well.

New Business
·         Paige mentioned that during the redistricting meeting, she learned that Hillside utilizes Mt. Pisgah buses to transport families from apartments to and from evening events at the school.  Ms. Cassidy made a note to check into.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 by Dan MacLagan

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