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PTA Meeting Minutes

Below are the PTA Meeting Minutes from the December meeting held on Tuesday, December 16th.

Esther Jackson Elementary PTA Board
Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2014


Daniel MacLagan, Shannol Grant, Jennifer Cassidy, Becky Anderson, Lisa Newara, Paige Janco, Cheryl Maloch, Lisa Stamey


EJ Media Center
Next meeting:
January 20, 2015, EJ Media Center

Call to Order – Dan MacLagan, 6:30pm

Old Business

·         Grandparent’s Day – Lisa Stamey
o    Lisa stated that Grandparent’s Day went fine, other than a miscommunication around lunch times. 
·         Multicultural Night - Dan
o    Multicultural Night was well attended (estimated 200 people)
o    The food lines were very long, up to 45 minutes to get food
o    The staff eventually ended up just letting people in without paying due to long lines
o    Less donations than in previous years
o    Ideas were brainstormed on how to prevent this next year.
§  Go back to a larger space
§  Invite business partners to attend, provide food. (Dan made a note to talk to whoever is VP of Fundraising next year about this.)
§  More advertising around the fact that if you bring food, you get free meals.

Principal’s Address – Jennifer Cassidy

·         Ms. Cassidy wanted to let everyone know that there was no hard feelings around the Holiday Shop pocket knife incident.
·         The communication that went out was written/planned with help from the district.
·         They have received 3 out of 4.
·         Parents were supportive and responsible.

New Business

·         Holiday Shop – Lisa
o    Brought in about $3000, of that about $200 was profit. 
o    Successful, but not as a fund raiser, as a service to the students
o    Had some donations of gift wrap
o    Have made notes about the pocket knife incident to avoid a situation like this in the future.
·         Budget was approved
·         Have deposited between $200 and $300 since the secondary Annual Fund push began.  (Need more of an update from Tia.)
·         Back to School from Winter Break Teacher Breakfast will be on 1/5.  This will be a grab and go style – bagels, yogurts, etc…  Paige will be out of town, so need someone to head up.
·         SkyZone Spirit Night is 12/18.
·         Bingo Night is 2/6.  Ms. Cassidy reminded us that we need to get permit ASAP.  Co-Chair is Rosalva Hernandez.
·         Monterrey’s Spirit Night had low turn out.
·         Spirit Wear
o    Shannol printed posters and they are up now.
o    Shannol mentioned that we should get students involved in the designs next year.
·         Fun Time Live
o    Ready to go in January
o    Flyers will be coming soon and will go to other schools as well.
o    Will occur every Friday night during school year. (Unless there is a conflicting school event.)
o    Activities are geared to different age levels
o    % of profits go to the PTA
o    There is a Bingo Night conflict
·         Class Winter Parties are all scheduled and happening this week.
·         Reading for Education Fundraiser
o    School will get packets on 1/7
o    Fundraiser active on 1/12
o    Classrooms will have DVD’s to watch
o    Program has students fill out postcards with family member’s addresses to send them brochures for catalog sales.  Every postcard filled out is $ for the PTA.
·         Yearbook – we still don’t have a yearbook chair.  Need one ASAP.  Tara needs to put out a blurb with an eblast for a volunteer.
·         Directory – Shannol to talk with Dora about data asap.

Committee Reports

·         Membership – Lisa Newara will work on envelope drive in Jan/Feb.
·         STEM Day
o    Teacher’s consensus was that the Science demonstration (Dr. Watt – Big Thinkers) was a bit harsh, so not to use again.
o    Class projects worked out well and students had a great day.
o    Parents would have liked more info about how they could participate.
o    Next year let’s try to get teachers a budget from the PTA well in advance so they can better plan lessons.
·         Book Fair
o    Went well
o    Question was asked if the Teacher Wish List for Books was done this year because no one noticed it.  If it was, should be better advertised.
·         EJ Foundation
o    Needs a leader
·         Science Expo
o    Kick-Off is 1/16
o    Co-Chairs are Becky Anderson and Monica Hernandez

Meeting Adjourned by Dan MacLagan at 8:30pm

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