Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Annual Fund Kickoff

The PTA will be hosting a Movie Night in the cafeteria on 
Friday, Sept 26th at 6:30pm. 

This will be the kickoff for the all new 

Annual Esther Jackson PTA Fundraising Campaign!

What if I cannot make it to movie night? Can I still make a donation?
Yes, you can! Go to PT Avenue, enter organization code ejepta, then click the Online Store button. You will then see Annual Fund Donation. Choose that item and then decide how much you want to donate.

What if my neighbors or family want to come to Movie Night? 
Bring your neighbors and family with you on Friday night! Friends of EJE are always welcome at our events. Friends and family can also make a donation on PT Avenue

Will food and snacks be available?
Yes, we will have $1 concessions! Some of the items available for purchase will include drinks, pizza and popcorn.

What should I bring?
You should bring chairs to sit in or blankets to sit on. The cafeteria tables will be moved into the hallway for dining during the event. Bring money for admission ($2 person) and food. Don't forget your checkbook/credit card/debit card so you can make your donation to the Annual Fund! If you make a $50 or more donation on Friday night, your family will get into see the movie for free!

Will the movie be family friendly?
Yes! We are showing The Lego Movie. Children of all ages are welcome!

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