Monday, September 10, 2012

A Letter From our Co-Presidents

Hello PTA Members!! WOW!! This first month just flew by!! It's amazing how quickly the time is already passing.

PTA is in full swing, and we cannot thank everyone enough for jumping in with both feet full-speed ahead!

We started with our Open House! Mary Wenger and Becky Anderson, our Spiritwear and Membership Chairs made our job so easy! Tia MacLaglan helped to get us ready with our copies and with all our volunteers, we were off to the races welcoming you all back to PTA or welcoming you on board for the first time :).

Our Teacher Breakfast was next coordinated by VP Sally Phillips-Rushing who worked with the board and members to offer one of the best breakfasts we've had to date! Amber Woolfolk, Chair for NewComers Breakfast coordinated our meet and greet where we were all able to meet several new parents on the first day of school!!

Then we had our Back to School Bash which we changed to a daytime event so ALL the kids could celebrate together!! It was a wonderful event led by Event Chair Sherri Donahoe. We had so many of you help to volunteer. Stephanie Hooper, Danielle Morris, and Shannol Grant who are working on our Yearbook this year were out taking pictures. You will see them at every event capturing special moments of the kids, staff and volunteers. And, Carissa Dongas, our new Directory Chair is working with Shanol to bring you a brand new directory with more note space where each parent can put a fun note to their children in the directory with the picture wishing them a great year for only $5. If you only paid $10 for your PTA membership, you can purchase the notes AND the directory!! Watch for the flyer coming home this week.

DONUTS FOR DADS is always a super event. Our chair, Kathy Beals lost her mom just before the event and needed our help. With PTA, that's what we do, so VP Melissa Stockard sent out the call, and several of us stepped in to help get it done. The dads who were able to attend felt really special that day!! Thank you to everyone who made that happen so Kathy did not have to worry! Kathy knew she and her family were with us in thoughts and prayers and they still are!

And a HUGE thank you to Andrea Greico, our Screening Chair, for our successful Hearing/Eye Screenings today and all those who volunteered to make sure we get our little ones the proper screenings they need to be successful at EJE.

Paige Janco our VP of Communication and Tracey Preslan, website coordinator have been posting everything on our website and facebook!! Tia MacLagan has been all over coordinating the copies for the teachers and our events, while Richlynne Rocker, VP of fundraising has already coordinated and completed several successful Spirit Night fundraisers including Menchies and Monterrey with Brickhouse Pizza Spirit Night tomorrow night!!

We have FUN RUN upon us with the kick-off this Friday! We need all your help for the next two weeks (Sept. 17 - 28), each morning from 8 a.m. until approx. 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. (at the latest) every day to help count money, collect buckets from each class, return prizes to each class and crown the queen (or King) for the day!! The MORE THE MERRIER! Please sign up on Volunteer Spots! And simply come if you can help. Teenie weenies are welcome. We love the little helpers as long as they can hang in our little room and not disturb the kids. Strollers are fine as well.

A special THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for a GREAT start to a GREAT YEAR ahead! And, for those of you who have not been able to get involved as of yet, please, please touch base! We'd love to have your help. As events come up, we'll be sure to solicit it. Vounteer Spot is the best way to get involved!

Please contact us if you have any questions! Let's make this year great as we continue Building Bridges with our school and staff, and our children and each other to make our children's educational experience the BEST it can be!

Looking forward to seeing you ALL as you continue to make a difference in your childrens' lives!

Katie Troline & Lisa Stamey

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