Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Volunteer Spot

The PTA started using Volunteer Spot at the end of last year to coordinate our volunteer activities. We've found that it's so much easier to keep the volunteer list consolidated on a website instead of having to send multiple emails when slots are filled or when slots are still open. We hope our volunteers are finding it much easier to use as well!

For your convenience, we've added a button to the left which will take you directly to the Volunteer Spot website.
  • Just click the button when you know there are volunteer opportunities available.
  • Once you have accessed the Volunteer Spot website, click the orange button which says: Find my sign-up sheet.
  • Enter your email address and then check your email to see which invitations are currently available to you. (You can also sign in and see your available invitations.)
  • Click the link from your email to be taken directly to the volunteer opportunity. (For example, right now Donuts 4 Dads is available for volunteers to sign up.)
If no volunteer invitations are returned for you, you might not be set up as a volunteer yet. No worries...simply email EJ PTA at ejpta@yahoo.com and we'll get you added.

Thanks again to all of our volunteers!

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